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Product Customizer

Web based app for customizing brand products and order the finalize one.

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Web & Cross Platorm Mobile Application
Savejojo Online Shopping

SaveJojo is a web & mobile app-based solution that can enhance traditional e-commerce platforms. In this proposed solution, we are making use of trending technologies such as Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality, which will enhance the user experience and increase potential sales for the businesses. Moreover, this system also includes core e-commerce features that e-commerce platforms should have.

This is our own product and not inaugurated yet.
Jul 2019 – continue

Web & Mobile Application
Echaincampus.io | Home of E-campuses

Echaincampus offers one common school database systems and configurable user profiles for everyone in your school. It’s allowing administration, teachers, students and parents to share the information with each other. Echaincampus simplify and automate daily tasks & operations easily. If you are looking for an out of the box online school software, then E-ChainCampus is your choice.

School Dashboard Click Here

Campus Dashboard Click Here

Campus Users/Techers Dashboard Click Here

Student/Parents Dashboard Click Here

Student Mobile App Coming Soon

Teacher Mobile App Coming Soon

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Dec 2029 - continue

Meta Link Previewer

Tool to debug and validate meta tag code for any website. It debugs Facebook developed the Open Graph tags and twitter meta tags and generates preview.

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Open Source
FullView.js 4.8K + Downloads

Create full-screen pages fast and simple - A simple and easy to use a library that creates fullscreen scrolling websites

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Open Source
Vue Plugin | Vue Lazytube 2.6K + Downloads

Embed a YouTube and Vimeo player easily and lazy load the video to save resources and reduces initial load size.

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Open Source API
Calculate Rating from Review API | Sentimental Analysis

Calculate rating form review algorithm is a simple web API algorithm which accept a rating string from post method by API call from any programming or scripting language and return the positive and negative points of the the review, if review does not contain any negative word then the negative points will be zero and similarly if it doesn't contain any positive word than the positive points will be zero the rating points are out of 10.

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Open Source
Nodejs Firebase Auth

Firebase(Firestore) auth and connection with Nodejs/Expressjs

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Open Source
Render List - Plugin

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