Is generative AI really ready for the enterprise?

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OpenAI released ChatGPT just a few months ago, and it’s fair to say it’s taken the world by storm: it already has over 100 million active users.

No wonder it can generate human, grammatically correct answers.

Related technologies can also create artwork and code by entering a description of what you want and the technology will create it.


You can even interact with the AI ​​after your initial question, so if you don’t like the output you got or need clarification, you can ask more questions or edit your image or code to better match your vision.

All this happens instantly without the help of an expert, artist or coder.

None of this is without its challenges, however, which include getting the data used to train the underlying AI model.

The currency of that training data, lack of permission to use the source data, model bias, and perhaps most importantly, the accuracy of the answers, which are sometimes laughably wrong.

None of this has stopped enterprise software companies from plunging into generative artificial intelligence.


These companies see huge commercial potential and great user enthusiasm, and they clearly don’t want to be left behind.

Salesforce, Forethought, and Thoughtspot recently announced beta versions of their own flavors of generative AI.

Salesforce adds generative AI across the platform. Forethought focuses on chatbots and Thoughtspot wants to use AI to query data.

Each company took the core technology and added some algorithmic amplifiers to fine-tune the technology for the unique requirements of their platform.

Microsoft also announced that its OpenAI service aimed at enterprise users in Azure is generally available as a managed service.

You can expect many more companies to join over the course of this year, but the limitations are real, which makes us wonder: Is the technology—as early and raw as it is, no matter how cool it looks—really ready for business? ?

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